Martingale System

There is a technique of betting called Martingale. It was invented by the ancient casinos. This is the system where you have to double your bet after each loss where you have to turn back after each winning. As for example if you place a bet for $10 and you lose then you have to double your bet so make it $20 next. This time if you lose then make it double so $40 and so on. The steps are given below.

  • Step one: first bet for $10= lost
  • Step two: Second bet for $20= lost.
  • Step three: Third bet for $40 = lost.
  • Step four: Fourth bet for $80= lost.
  • Step five: Fifth bet for $160 = won (you have to go back to $10)
  • Step one: Seventh bet for $10 (won again so you have to go first)
  • Step two: and so on.

The above steps tell that you have won in the fifth bet but your net profit is $10. This is the specialty of this strategy. In any step you won your net profit will be same.

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