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This website usually offers regular information about gambling and different online games and you can't play and gamble in this website.

Information about Gambling

This website always update its collection of information and this website always tries to provide the latest information about the listed online casinos and casino related websites. It is the player's responsibility to check about the latest offers of an online casino and no player can claim this website for older information that does not have any date to use.

Legally Speaking

This website always gets the data of different visitors from different regions and every region can have its own rules and regulations for gambling and if the player wants to play online games then that player has to learn his or her regional rules about gambling to play online casino games, the player can't claim us responsible for any unauthorized activity.

Age for Gambling

Every country or region has its own age to play casino games and to do gambling and the age can be differ from 18 to 25 so the players have to know what is the legal age for gambling in their region before starting their gambling career and it is the players sole responsibility.

Addiction in Gambling

In this website, players will not have too much information about different problems in the gambling sector so if you have any problem with gambling then you will never know about that from this website and it is your responsibility if you face any problem with gambling and you have to take care about that problem personally. Addiction is a great and rising problem in gambling sector and every player must be aware about that problem. There are some usual symptoms about addiction and if you think you have the same symptoms then it will be to go to the chamber of specialist about this matter to clear your problem about gambling addiction.


In this website, many online casinos and casino related websites links can be found and visiting these websites and casinos will be your responsibility only, we are not encouraging or discouraging you to visit these websites or casinos.


We always check the latest information and problem with our listed online casinos so when we find some things wrong or illegal with a casino, we always update about the casino in our database for our users without delaying and we always delete those casinos who do not have fare records in this sector for the past 3-4 months or less time.


If a player has some problems with a casino, we can help the player for the dispute with the casino as an arbitrator. We can help you any time you want but we can't help you if you broke terms or rules of the casino.

Rules of Online Casino

Every online casino has its own rules and regulations and also terms for the users so you have to always learn and obey those rules to use the services of that online casino.


Whenever you want to use the information of this website, you have to follow these terms of disclaimer.

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