Master Casino Card Counting

Many gamblers doubt in the effectiveness of the card counting technique. But there is nothing to worry about - if you use the game basic strategy together with card counting, you'll definitely win, as low cards are convenient to the banker, and the high cards - for gambler.

Dealers prefer low cards, as their help them to make hands winning totals, if their initial two cards constitute 12, or 13, or 14, or 15, or 16 points. The players can stand on one of these stiffs, but the dealers' actions are restricted.

High cards favor the gamblers, as they create blackjacks, which are paid 3:2.

It is not required to remember all the cards while using the card counting technique (it is almost impossible, especially if you play with 8 decks of cards). The gambler needs to count cards numbers, according to card counting system particular scale to know the positive score.

You should be very attentive while card counting, as if you'll lose the score, you will be compelled to start again and you can lose a lot of money because of your mistake. You shouldn't also think that it is very easy to count cards - professional gamblers spend years to master it and use properly.

The Most Effective System

Many players look for complicated and extraordinary cad counting systems and pay very big money for them. But the most effective ones are simple techniques, for example Red Seven Card Counting System.

Professional gamblers often prefer Zen Count system. It is one of the advanced, but not very complicated that helps to count profitable betting opportunities.

The Hi-Lo system is good for gamblers, who are going to use shuffle tracking technique later.

Card counting systems are created and developed for creative and smart gamblers, so don't waste your time and start playing blackjack not only for fund, but for profit too.

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